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Riki Lindhome, Leslie Bibb – Hell Baby HD Nude


An expectant couple turn to the Vatican after unwittingly moving into a haunted house in Hell Baby (2013). Co-directed by Reno 911‘s Thomas LennonHell Baby skewers every horror movie cliche you can think of faster than you can say “Scary Move 7.” Comedy fans will spot many familiar faces including Paul Scheer, Michael Ian Black, Keegan Michael Key, Kumail Nanjiani, Rob Huebel, Leslie Bibb. Riki Lindhome will make you laugh yourself stiff during an extended full-frontal scene. Hey, Riki– you’re hot as Hell, Baby.

Riki Lindhome showing full nudity when a guy pulls open a shower curtain and startles her, thinking she is someone else. She then steps out of the bath and gives a shaven full-frontal view as she begins to rub oil over her legs, arms and breasts. She then hands the oil to the guy and turns her back, giving us a a look at her butt as the guy oils her shoulders and back. She then turns around to face him once more as the guy puts on a robe and another guy shows up and she gives him a hug.

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